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Kitchen Trucks And Extra Dining Areas Open for WFYS Participants

Due to unprecedented number of participants, the premises of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students opened five kitchen trucks with the help of the Russian Army. Kitchen trucks are the symbol of patriotism, warmth and care. Guests of the Festival will be able to try traditional kasha with canned stew meat and hot tea.

There’s a total of six kitchen trucks, and they are super easy to find. There are two of them in the Olympic Park, near the Extreme Park, by the Formula 1 stands. There’s another one in the Medals Plaza, by the Iceberg. The fourth one is located by the Adler Arena, training centre side. The last one on this list can found near the Auto Museum. Another kitchen truck operates by the Buran shuttle in front of the Main Media Centre. These dining spots open at 13:00 and are open for everyone until they run out. But one needs to remember there’re 600-700 portions per truck.


First field kitchens — later turned into kitchen trucks — appeared in the Russian Imperial Army in 1898. Before that, during military campaigns meals for the Army were cooked in pots and cauldrons transported with supply trains.

On top of that, participants are provided with free meals three times a day for the duration of the Festival. Breakfast is available in places of residence; lunch and dinner are served in the food court of the Main Media Centre and — starting from October 16 — in the tent by the Adler Arena.

Opening hours of dining areas:


Food court of the Main Media Centre: 12:00–15:00

Tent by the Adler Arena, Olympic Park: 11:30–15:00


Food court of the Main Media Centre: 18:00–21:00

Tent by the Adler Arena, Olympic Park: 18:00–21:30.

Organizers are fast and meticulous in analyzing requests from participants of the Festival. One of their priority objectives is to support modern and convenient services.

Please, find updated information on services available for WFYS participants on the official website of the Festival: www.russia2017.com.

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Kitchen Trucks And Extra Dining Areas Open for WFYS Participants