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«Зелёная» промышленная политика: концепция, стратегии и опыт различных стран
Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences
This report, published as part of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), explores various ways to increase the role that industrial policies play in the transition towards green and circular economies and sustainable development.
Стратегия устойчивого развития до 2030 года: достижение отраслевых целей и задач
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Achieving the industry-related goals and targets
This document summarizes the contribution of UNIDO’s mandate as well as current and planned future activities vis-à-vis the SDGs, with a special focus on SDG-9, which highlights and affirms the critical importance of ISID and its contribution to all 17 goals.
Как избежать ипотечного кризиса в России
How to Prevent a Crisis in the Russian Mortgage Market
In this publication, the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) offers a comprehensive solution for the development of the Russian mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market which involves issuing transparent multi-tranche MBS.
Управление событийными проектами (форумы, конгрессы, конференции, семинары)
Event Projects Management (Forums, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars)
This publication is focused on the process of organizing events viewed through the lens of project management and will be particularly useful for event industry professionals.
Doing Business 2019
Doing Business 2019
Doing Business 2019 is the 16th in a series of annual reports by the World Bank Group investigating the regulations affecting 11 areas of the life of a business that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. The study covers 190 economies.
Цифровые технологии в российских компаниях
Digital Technologies in Russian Companies
The aims of the study by KPMG are to assess the current level of digitalization in large Russian companies, find out which technologies are tested and implemented the most commonly, and outline main approaches to managing digital transformation.