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Roscongress Foundation

is a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions, exhibitions, public events.
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Project management

The Roscongress Foundation offers a range of services for organizing events of all kinds and levels of complexity and provides assistance with specific aspects of event planning or hosting.

● Developing and executing business event concepts

● Devising business agendas and inviting speakers, moderators, and thought leaders

● Organizing themed awards and award ceremonies

● Developing non-standard participant communication formats

● Creating audiences for events and working with participants

● Developing corporate styles and design concepts for events

● Organizing event advertising campaigns

● Attracting sponsorships

● Preparing and managing venues and signage

● Organizing participant services

● Organizing the work of temporary staff

Promotion of projects in Russia and overseas

The Roscongress Foundation is a development institution involved with all of the most important economic forums in the Russian Federation, allowing it to provide effective support to investment projects in every region in the country.

By bringing together all of the key investment and economic players, as well as Russian and international corporations and government officials responsible for strategic decisions, the Roscongress Foundation serves as a comprehensive, professional facilitator of priority investment project implementation.

Its work with international businesses, associations, development institutions, and expert communities around the world allows the Roscongress Foundation to find optimal solutions to the most pressing objectives, orchestrate discussion agendas for Foundation events, and establish dialogues between countries.

Promoting business

The Roscongress Foundation offers an integrated approach to developing and supporting business projects in the Russian Federation’s regions.

▪ Cooperation with non-governmental organizations and state executive bodies

▪ Cooperation with federal and regional development institutions

▪ Identification of potential international and Russian investors

▪ Selection of strategically and economically viable business projects

▪ Attraction of high-level business experts to evaluate projects

▪ Preparation of documents integral to the search for sources of financing

▪ Development of risk mitigation models

▪ Professional consultation with accredited partners on legal and tax issues

▪ Support for Russian export projects

▪ Facilitation of foreign companies’ entry into the Russian market

Promoting regions

The Roscongress Foundation offers effective solutions for promoting the regions of the Russian Federation, including their investment and export potential:

● Organization of off-site foreign road shows series

● Holding regional SPIEF field sessions as part of the ‘Russia’s Regions: New Areas of Growth’ project

● Promotion of regions’ brands at the country’s major congress events

● Promoting regions’ investment potential through the Roscongress Foundation’s international and regional partner network

International cooperation

The Roscongress Foundation has experience organizing foreign delegations, roundtables and country pavilions, bilateral business forums, ‘Russian Days’ abroad, road shows, business missions, and other multiformat projects for Foundation event participants.


Ms. Alexandra Ogneva,

Deputy Director, Head of Directorate of International and Regional Cooperation

Directorate of International and Regional Cooperation

Tel.: +7(495) 640 4440 ext. 1450


Alexander Shatirov

Head of the Regional Development and Investment Project Support Directorate

Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 355

Media support

The Roscongress Foundation organizes the entirety of the information support cycle for Foundation events, including the preparation and holding of all types of press events and work with press and newsmakers, as well as separate media support services.

● Preparing and implementing publicity campaigns in international, national, and regional media outlets

● Working with the press services of event newsmakers, Russian government bodies, and partners

● Organizing and conducting press conferences, briefings, signing ceremonies, media access events, press tours, and interviews

● Preparing and distributing information materials to journalists, including: announcements, press releases, post-event press releases, photographs, and video materials

● Setting up a press centre and international broadcasting centre

● Photography and video recording at events and creating a photo bank

● Creating and managing event websites and mobile applications

● Creating and managing events’ social network accounts

● Creating video clips and presentations, including 3D formats

Media Relations Directorate Contacts:

Tel.: +7 (812) 406 7709

Fax: +7 (812) 406 7709


TV Production and Online Broadcast Directorate Contacts:


Social platform

The social platform is a Roscongress Foundation strategic initiative that seeks to establish and maintain a stable dialogue between business, government, and civil society.

The Social Platform furthers the development of a socially conscious society in Russia, promotes the social agenda, and creates feedback mechanisms both within and outside the existing forums.

Leading Russian and foreign experts are involved in the work of the Social Platform, sharing experiences and opinions at the global level and creating a basis for mutually advantageous international cooperation to tackle the social problems facing Russia and the world as a whole.


To promote consolidation, build dialogue and cooperation between social ecosystem participants, promote projects of social value, and develop a culture of social responsibility and inclusion in Russia.


To create a suitable environment for promoting trilateral dialogue between the government, business, and non-profits on current social development challenges and for finding joint solutions, both within and beyond the Roscongress Foundation’s platforms.

To stimulate the development of international cooperation on social questions and the sharing of experience in this area, and to strengthen Russia’s image as a socially responsible state on the global stage.

To support the sharing of information between social ecosystem participants and the creation of a common information space in order to build trust between non-profits, government, and business.

To promote projects and initiatives of social value, making use of the unique opportunities afforded to the Roscongress Foundation to support sustainable development in Russia.

To encourage the creation of an international community of women in support of global sustainable development and the strengthening of international sociocultural ties, and to advocate women working together to find solutions to current social problems.

To develop channels of social communication in Russia with the aim of ensuring social information is spread more effectively, and to create a culture of social inclusion in Russia so that all members of society feel involved in tackling social challenges.

Areas covered

  • Environment

  • Culture, awareness, and education

  • Social issues and healthcare

  • Women’s community

  • Social communication


Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 148



Innovation Space

The Roscongress Foundation’s forums, which have historically fostered discussions on the most significant and topical issues, are continuing to expand the digital agenda.

The Innovation Space is a special programme, exhibition space, and presentation area for innovative projects and high-tech Russian startups: Skolkovo Foundation and IIDF projects, innovative projects from large corporations, the leading university incubators and accelerators, and independent startups.

The Innovation Space is not just a useful networking opportunity, it also provides projects with the opportunity to present their investment potential to government bodies, large corporations, investment funds, and business angels.

In an Innovation Space , event participants discuss the demand for and opportunities to use innovations in all areas of life and the economy and immerse themselves in the details of various branches of industry, focusing on specific issues and emerging challenges.

The lounges also serve as a way to expand the reach of Russian high-tech products both at home and abroad, thanks to the interest of international Roscongress Foundation forum guests.


Dmitry Sryvkov

Head of the Innovative Projects Directorate

Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 340

Cell: +7 (916) 268 04 68


Healthy Life

Healthy Life is a social project of the Roscongress Foundation that was created in order to find and develop practical proposals to implement national projects that aim to solve the problem of increasing the healthy life expectancy of Russian citizens.

The project serves as a sustainable development tool that can be used to promote Russia as a driver of the global healthcare agenda.

The Healthy Life project, which the Roscongress Foundation presents at its major events, has become a traditional site to attract the medical and scientific communities and a platform for professional discussions and presentations of innovative healthcare projects.

The project has resulted in the emergence of the Healthy Life Forum, one of the largest specialized events of its kind in Russia, which has established itself as an influential platform that takes stock of the provisional results of the implementation of the country’s national Healthcare project.


Anastasia Stolkova

Director of the Healthy Life project and First Deputy CEO for Development

Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 1229

Mob: +7 (931) 214 4662


Volunteer programmes

The Roscongress Foundation is actively involved in promoting youth development. The Foundation’s volunteer corps currently numbers over 20,000 people, uniting students and active young people from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Sochi, Khabarovsk, Kazan, Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad, and many other cities. The corps is an effective tool for supporting talented and ambitious young people, who will build the future of our country and change the world for the better.

Involving young people in the country’s affairs, its civic activity, and its cultural, moral, and spiritual values helps build a unified community from which a society of responsible citizens, capable of achieving great goals, will grow.

The Roscongress Foundation offers young people a chance to demonstrate their social activism and civic-mindedness and to gain experience and knowledge by taking part in major Russian forums and international projects.

Event participants are very appreciative of the work of volunteers and stress the importance of their contribution to creating a supportive, friendly atmosphere at Roscongress Foundation events.


Ekaterina Sagadieva

Head of the Volunteer Management Division


Cultural programmes
The cultural programme is a key element of the Foundation’s business events and traditionally is of great interest to both participants and the media. The Foundation’s events are held all around the world, so participants get to learn about new regions and countries, their histories, traditions, and cultures.

● Organizing socially significant events for city residents and forum participants

● Planning and conducting official receptions and receptions for delegation heads and accompanying persons

● Developing substantive event content

● Organizing invitation campaigns: attracting cultural figures, performing artists, and show business stars

● Developing a service allowing participants to independently purchase electronic tickets to events

● Finding contractors for cultural programme events, coordination and control

● Selecting and cooperating with exclusive venues


Cultural Programmes Directorate

Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440
Sporting programmes

Sporting programmes held as part of economic forums create new opportunities for extended networking and informal dialogues on the latest topics.

Corporate sports are a modern trend in industry development and an effective tool for attracting the attention of the nation’s physically active population, achieving corporate objectives, and developing territories.

● Organizing and holding forum sporting programmes: charitable races, gala hockey matches, basketball games, football matches, VIP tennis tournaments, golf tournaments, skiing competitions, sailing regattas, etc.

● Organizing and holding corporate games and sporting events for companies, organizations, and regions

● Organizing sports-related sessions as part of forum business programmes

● Organizing sport and sports tourism conventions and exhibitions


Sport and Entertainment Event Directorate

Tel.: +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 267


Business Priority

The Business Priority project aims to increase the competitiveness of the Russian economy by promoting domestic innovative products and technologies. Its goal is the creation of a national quality standard recognized by the international community for high-tech innovative projects with high liquidity in the global market.

The Roscongress Foundation is a platform for supporting projects and software development companies which, subject to certain criteria, are awarded the status of Business Priority. This status brings several benefits, including direct contact with major investors and manufacturers, and consultations with leading experts in finance, law, marketing and advertising. This enables companies to significantly reduce the time to market for products on both the domestic and international markets and to scale up business and increase capitalization.

Contact person:

Marianna Skragan

Business Priority Project Director

Phone: +7 (499) 579 8278

Mobile: +7 (916) 603 4895


Roscongress Club

This private club for the intellectual, business, and political elite is a natural extension of the forums organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

The club is open exclusively to Roscongress Club card holders. They have access to specially equipped communications spaces, offering the best possible environment for business networking during major events managed by the Roscongress Foundation: the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

While their card is valid, club members are granted club privileges, including the opportunity to attend exclusive business, evening, and sporting events and utilize a concierge service.

Uniting Russian and global thought leaders, the Roscongress Club is a conceptual platform of strategic interest to anyone who seeks to influence the political and economic landscape.

Club cards may only be purchased by the Roscongress Foundation’s Premium category participants.


For all questions concerning cards, please contact your Roscongress Foundation contact person on +7 (495) 640 4440.

Roscongress presentation
Roscongress Club presentation
Media kit Roscongress Foundation publications