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Roscongress Foundation
is a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions, exhibition and public events.
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Project management

The Roscongress Foundation offers a range of services for organizing events of all kinds and levels of complexity. The Foundation also provides assistance with specific aspects of event planning or hosting

  • Turn-key business event concepts

  • Managing event finances

  • Building audiences for events, including through invitation campaigns and communications targeting specific groups of participants

  • Working with partners and attracting sponsorship

  • Organizing the work of temporary staff

  • Hosting special themed sessions

  • Preparing and managing venues; navigation

  • Organizing information services

  • Text and voice communications, etc.

  • Arranging themed awards and award ceremonies

Opportunities for partners

  • Special projects and presentations

  • Joint Russian and international events

  • Special themed sessions

  • Themed awards and award ceremonies

  • Participation as speakers/moderators

  • Participation in exhibitions

  • Organization of B2B and G2B meetings

  • Organization of turnkey press events, agreement signing ceremonies, presentations of new products and technologies, briefings, media access events, and interviews

  • Networking areas

  • Themed lounge areas

  • Cultural, entertainment, and sports events

  • Modern art areas

  • Product placement

Business project promotion

The Roscongress Foundation offers efficient solutions to help develop and promote your business in Russia:

  • public affairs and government relations

  • finding reliable business partners

  • developing risk mitigation strategies

  • legal support and tax consulting

  • market entry and strategy consulting

Services for participants

  • Business networking platforms

  • Protocol and administrative support services

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Catering services

  • Transportation services

Regional support

Our status as the operator of all significant economic and business events in Russia helps us secure efficient support for investment projects from business leaders, key decision makers, and local authorities in all Russia’s regions.

Media support

The Roscongress Foundation offers a full package of event media support, management for any type of media events, communication services with media and newsmakers, as well as specific media support services.

  • Turn-key publicity campaigns in international, federal and local media

  • Communication with press services of event newsmakers, federal authorities and partners

  • Press-conferences, press briefings, signing ceremonies, media approaches, media tours and interviews

  • Setup for a press centre and an international broadcasting centre

  • Photo and video recording at events; creating a photo bank

  • Creating and managing event websites, mobile applications

  • Creating and managing event websites and mobile apps

  • Creating and managing event accounts on social network

  • Videos and presentations (including 3D ones)

Cultural programmes
The cultural programme is a key element of Roscongress Foundation business events and garners a lot of interest from both participants and the media. The Foundation’s events have a wide geographic reach and are held throughout the world, which allows participants to get to know new regions and countries, as well their history, traditions, and cultures.

  • Organizing socially important events for local residents and forum participants

  • Turn-key official receptions and receptions for delegation leaders and accompanying participants

  • Developing event content

  • Organizing invitation campaigns for culture figures, entertainers, and show business celebrities

  • Developing services enabling participants to purchase event tickets online

  • Executing agreements with cultural programme event contractors; coordinating and supervising their work

  • Selecting and working with exclusive venues

Sporting programmes

Sporting programmes at economic forums create new opportunities for networking and informal discussions on relevant topics. Corporate sports are a modern trend in the industry development. They are an efficient way to encourage economically active population to get involved in sports, to solve corporate challenges, and to contribute to regional development.

  • Forum sporting programmes, which include charity runs; gala ice hockey, basketball, and football games; VIP tennis, golf, and downhill skiing tournaments and sailing regattas; etc.
  • Turn-key Corporate Games or sporting events for companies, organizations or regions

  • Sport related sessions as part of forum business programmes

  • International consulting services in sports, tourism, investment and sponsorship for Russian organizations, federations, regions and organizing committees

  • Developing and consulting on regional sports and sport tourism development programmes regions

  • Turn-key Roscongress Sport Awards, an annual corporate sports award ceremony

  • Partial management of large sporting or entertainment events