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Roscongress Blog
12 August 2019
Vitaliy Milke
Vitaly Milke on Data Centres for Artificial Intelligence
12 August 2019
Carbon does not hold back development

Will the green energy industry be able to replace hydrocarbons in the future? Not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Renewable energy is very expensive and is by no means a cure-all solution to our environmental problems. Energy analyst Dr. Alexander Kondratenko (PhD in history) argues for and against the development of renewable energy.

7 August 2019
EEF Magazine shares stories of Far Eastern Hectare participants

On 1 August, Republic of Buryatia and the Zabaikalsky Territory were officially included in the Far Eastern Hectare programme, the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East (ADHC FE) programme that was launched three years ago. Around 750 applications were submitted in just one day. A total of 76,000 Russian citizens have taken advantage of this programme and received 50,000 hectares of land. That is an area equal to 70,000 football fields, the Principality of Andorra, or three Lichtensteins.

5 August 2019
Vitaliy Milke
Vitaly Milke on Big Data for Machine Learning

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is not only down to the progress made in the field of algorithms but also the ease of access to Big Data. Vitaly Milke, permanent contributor to the ROSCONGRESS.ORG Information and Analytical System and Adviser to the President for Economy and Finance, debates how data should be kept, collected and used in different countries.

5 August 2019
EEF Magazine considers tourism in the Russian Far East
Tourism will become a priority in the economic development of the Russian Far East according to the National Programme for the Development of the Russian Far East until 2025, which is expected to be signed in September of this year at EEF. Which are the most promising types of tourism? EEF 2019 Magazine finds out.
31 July 2019
The Second Wave of Arctic Exploration: Need for a New Economic Model

Russia in the Arctic is entering a new era, which can be called the second wave of exploration. The romantics’ era task was to establish an extractive industry. The modern times are calling for the development of the resource and transport potential of the macro region.

29 July 2019
Vitaliy Milke
Vitaliy Milke on Continuous Education for Adults in Context of AI Technology in Russia