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Roscongress Blog
31 May 2019
Russia’s leading convention and exhibition venues

The geography of promising Russian sites is expanding, largely with the support of the Roscongress Foundation.

31 May 2019
Unusual Concept Restaurants in St. Petersburg

Restaurant critic and food journalist Anastasia Pavlenkova on St. Petersburg’s food scene, where waiters show magic tricks, bartenders talk about the string theory and visitors can go fishing.

31 May 2019
Of its time and timeelleess

Joseph Brodsky once wrote that the best view of St. Petersburg was from the seat of a bomber plane, referring to the distinct geometry of the city’s avenues and canals. However, it is only from street level that you can gain a true appreciation of the city’s architectural details, which have looked on impassively as successive generations of locals and visitors have walked by.

31 May 2019
Kronstadt. Land of forts. The city will become the world’s largest museum island

The City of Military Glory and UNESCO World Heritage Site Kronstadt will become northwestern Russia’s calling card. Vladimir Putin has ordered the development of a tourism and recreational cluster in ‘The Cradle of the Russian Fleet.’ This is expected to increase the number of guests to the city to five million per year and create hundreds of new jobs. The project will be presented at SPIEF 2019 and will get underway this summer.

31 May 2019
The equal, the first, the only. A short story of naval fortune

During World War I, the ship cruised along the Gulf of Bothnia, protecting the minesweeper fleet, studying channels, and providing gunfire support to land forces. The last gun taken off of the Aurora fired at the enemy off of the Baltiyets armoured train. The grounded ship continued to fight on land, sea, and by air.

31 May 2019
Exploring Russia’s cultural capital with Facebook communities

Facebook is a place where local communities — residents of the same city, neighbourhood or simply those who have similar hobbies or passions — connect in Groups, learn from each other and share tips.

31 May 2019
Wine List. Interesting Facts about Wine by sommelier Alexander Kuptsov

Winemaking within the territory of what is now France appeared at the turn of the 6th century BC; the first vineyards were set up near modern-day Marseille. In Russia, the first vineyards appeared at roughly the same time, on the Eastern coast of the Kerch Strait. This coincidence shouldn’t be surprising: vines were brought there by Greek settlers who were actively colonising the North of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coast and introducing their lifestyle to the newly built cities.