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Mahmud Zuhir A. A.

Mahmud Zuhir A. A.

Advisor to the Vice Premier of the Government of National Accord of Libya
Born in Tripoli Libya in 1969 and an engineer (BSc., MSc., PhD) worked in the field of construction and development programs. Following the completion of his postgraduate studies in 1999, Dr. Mahmud worked at MARCORP, an investment corporation in the field of industrial and real state investment. Where he was responsible for the research and development and projects management.

In 2003, he become an executive for LADICO, which was subsidiary of MARCORP and one of the largest domestic investment companies in Libya then. He participated in several government committees responsible for the privatization programs, which began in the early 2003, intended to reshuffle and privatize some of the major public industries.

He was a board member and one of the founders of LIDCO, a holding company established in 2006 by Economic and Social Development Fund. LIDCO was regarded as, one of the leading construction corporation in Libya, carrying out major development projects in the country.

Currently he is a board member in the Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF), and senior advisors for development programs for the Government of National Accord.