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Жвачкин Сергей

Sergey Zhvachkin

Acting Governor of Tomsk Region
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Regional Policy in the Context of Russia’s Spatial Development
Today we must consider the characteristics of each region. Each one has its own programme. The way it was done before was very wrong, when the federal programmes were simply handed down and in no way considered the regional ones. So, any project, even if we look at those 12 national ones, someone needs to build a school, but I, for instance, need 40 schools, as we have a good birth rate in the region. But other regions do not necessarily need them, they have other problems, and their schools stay empty
Russian Investment Forum 2019
National Champions Pitch Session
The country’s development depends in part on the success of those projects, including those on the National Champions list. <…> A region’s growth does not only depend on the development of local companies, but on successfully applying the best achievements of these champions