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Aleksey Zhurbin

Aleksey Zhurbin

Chief Executive Officer, Institute Stroyproekt
Education: Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers (Bridges and Tunnels), 1983.

In 1990 Mr. Zhurbin together with several colleagues established MP Stroyproekt (now AO Institute Stroyproekt).

Since 1995 he has been General Director of the company.

Previous Experience: Mostootryad No. 37 of Mostostroy No. 6, Leningrad Branch of Institute Gyprostroymost.

A. Zhurbin is a member of the Rosavtodor Scientific and Technical Council and a member of the Rosavtodor Public Council and a member of the Coordination Council for Development of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Transport System (established by the Russian Government Decree no. 241 dated 04 April 2011). He is also a member of the editor’s board of the Russian Bulletin of Bridge Engineering and of the Board of Trustees of AMOST Association.

Awards and Titles: Honorary Diplomas of the Governors of St. Petersburg, Tver Region, Russian Ministry of Transport and Federal Highway Agency; award badges, namely: Honorary Road Builder of Russia, Honorary Transport Worker of Russia, Honorary Builder of Russia, Title of Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, Honorary Academician of International Transport Academy, Order of Friendship.