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Sergey Zhukov

Sergey Zhukov

General Director, Technology Transfer Center
Born 8 September 1956 in Jezkazgan (Kazakh SSR).

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, test cosmonaut (Crew member in 2003–2011), member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics.

1979: graduated Bauman Moscow State Technical University with honors majoring in Nuclear Power Plants.

1991-1993: Deputy Head of the working group on cosmonautics under the Government and the Supreme Soviet of Russia, which ensured the creation of the Russian Space Agency (RSA) and preparation of the law on Space Activities.

1997: founded and headed CJSC Centre for Technology Transfer under the auspices of the RSA, on the basis of which since 2000, the Rosaviakosmos Industry Centre for Patent Licensing and commercialization of scientific and technical activities was operating.

2011–2014: worked for Skolkovo Foundation as Executive Director of Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster, Vice President of the Business Development in the Far East Foundation.

Since 2015: co-director of AeroNet working group of the National Technological Initiative.

Since 2017: Head of the working group on legislation elaboration and elimination of regulatory barriers in the Aeronet Roadmap. He is actively engaged in the development of the market environment in the field of aviation and space activities.

He participated in the founding of ‘Russian Technologies’ Federal State Unitary Enterprise in 1997 and the Vostochny Cosmodrome in 2007, supervised the development of the project of the Interindustry Innovation Centre of the MIC in 2007-2010.