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Tatyana Zharkova

Tatyana Zharkova

Managing Director, FinTech Association; Chair, Expert Council of Financial Market Participants on Evaluating Innovative Financial Services and Technologies (formed at the initiative of the Bank of Russia)
Develops the key areas of the FinTech Association and is in charge of the company?s operational management.

Professional Experience

Started career in 1994 at Stolichny Joint Stock Commercial Bank.

Fr om 2001 to 2011, Ms. Zharkova took management positions in such banks as Menatep St. Petersburg, Russian Standard and Stolichny. Took part in the creation of Rusfinance Bank. As the Head of the Retail Business Department at KMB-Bank, Ms. Zharkova was in charge of the business model transformation (fr om January 2010 ? Inteza Bank).

In 2011, Ms. Zharkova became the Chairwoman of the Executive Board at Volkswagen Bank RUS Ltd., where she adapted the global strategy of the Volkswagen Financial Services AG international group for the Russian market.

From 2014 to 2016,served as Senior Vice President at Globex commercial bank, wh ere she was in charge of the transformation projects on business development (systems of remote banking services and mortgage, credit container creation, regional network reorganization).

In spring 2016, became Deputy CEO at AK BARS bank, wh ere she was in charge of retail business development, headed the committee on retail products development, was a member of the committee on managing credit and debit and Advisor for strategic development.

In October 2017, Ms. Zharkova was appointed as Managing Director of the FinTech Association created with the participation of the Bank of Russia. She is in charge of the developing and implementing new financial and banking instruments as well as coordination of the Association members? activity.

Since May 2018, she has been approved as Chairwoman of the Expert Council of the financial market participants on evaluating innovative services and technologies formed under the initiative of the Bank of Russia.


In 1995, graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics with honours majoring in Finances and Credit.

In 2015, graduated from the ?Independent Director? program at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Higher School of State Management.

Holds a PhD in Economics.