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Abdoulaye  Yéro Baldé

Abdoulaye Yéro Baldé

Minsiter of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Republic of Guinea
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Biosecurity: Current Projects and Opportunities for Cooperation
When Ebola hit Guinea in 2014–2015, Russia assisted us a lot, because it helped us fight against the disease. <…> Processing samples, for instance. Back then, Guinea did not have a biobank, and Russia helped us a lot. It was very important for us. We managed to collect the virus samples. It helped us take the right measures on our level and create high-tech laboratories with the support of the Russian government
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Russia and Africa: Science, Education, and Innovation for Economic Development
We have interacted very actively, including in 2014–2015, when we were fighting Ebola. This virus did a lot of harm to people’s health in Guinea, in Sierra Leone, in Liberia; and Russia helped us to contain this epidemic. We reequipped our laboratories that worked on medicines against this infection. Also, we created a laboratory for epidemiological research that studies transmission of infectious diseases