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Florian Jansen

Florian Jansen

Chief Executive Officer, Lamoda Group
On his previous position as a managing director, he took care personally of the infrastructure investments such as a cutting-edge automated warehouse, large-scale last mile organisation across Russia and CIS and the transformation of Lamoda into a retail platform. During that period Mr Jansen travelled across Russia to establish and maintain Lamoda facilities. Prior to Lamoda, Florian spent several years at McKinsey & Company. He received an MBA at Universität Witten/Herdecke and a dual MPA – at LSE and Columbia University. Mr Jansen still acts as an angel investor and has supported companies in digital spheres such as DOC+, FoodFox (now Yandex.Eda), Manifest, or Exclaim. Since the foundation of the Lamoda in 2011, Florian spends most of the time in Russia where he lives with his family.