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Ялов Дмитрий

Dmitry Yalov

Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad Region Government, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development and Investment Activity
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Role of Investment in Social Sector Development
Changes in legislation are necessary to predict the rates, develop a certain rates formula, guarantee not a fixed amount of revenue, but a clear rates system for compulsory medical insurance, and, of course, legalize profits
SPIEF 2018
Implementation of Strategic Goals through Projects: How to Make a Breakthrough
It’s must to ask the federal authorities to involve regions in the work that will be done in the near future. It is clear that decisions will be made at the federal level, but at least we need to ask. When the projects appear as a result of interaction and are taken to regions, I would ask to give the regions some time to comprehend them and develop a coordinated set of projects at the regional level
SPIEF 2018
Implementation of Strategic Goals through Projects: How to Make a Breakthrough
We need to solve the personnel problem: we need to hire more creative and more innovative people, and not those who got education and have been working in this area for 25 years. We must motivate them in a different way
SPIEF 2018
New Urban Environments as a Catalyst for Investment
In the competition for talent, we are unfortunately losing out to large companies. The Leaders of Russia competition saw 100 winners. Of these, 21 came from major corporations, while only 10 came from government bodies. <...>We began by implementing administrative reforms and developing a floating strategy. A selection of projects is outlined under the strategy. And we have selected the most talented and promising people for these projects. What’s more, we have already sent these people to be trained at Skolkovo