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Evgeny Yakushev

Evgeny Yakushev

Executive Director for Public and Government Relations, SAFMAR
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Russia’s Competitive Venture Investment Market
Today we own around 20% of internal debt and 30% of regional debt. In fact, we are financing cash deficiency rather than investment into the economy. The situation can change if we are going to consider impact investment, sociable responsible investment as a kind of state policy
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Quality of Life for the Older Generation: Programme Implementation
As for the international experience, pension funds are among the investors in the infrastructure for the elderly, and they are involved in the creation of private retirement homes. In this regard, it is not only possible but necessary to develop public-private partnerships, and under concession agreements pension funds can invest fairly quickly to create new infrastructure for the senior people,