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Vugar  Isaev

Vugar Isaev

Chairman of the Board of Directors, SK Treyd; Member of the Presidium, The Retail Companies Association (ACORT)
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Counterfeits vs Everyone: The Damage to Legal Business and the National Economy
The functioning tools have already been created in the market. First of all, it is the State Commission for Countering the Illicit Trafficking of Industrial Products with the appropriate expert councils. That has significantly accelerated the work. Particularly, it has only been seven months since the decision to perform labelling in fur industry until the actual launch of the experiment. In the shortest possible time, a unique transactional system was created, which not only made it possible to see labelling of a product, but also to fully trace the course of its sale on the market. Including the Russian Quality System into this chain had a positive influence on how this process was perceived by consumers. A set of multidirectional measures taken ensured a positive result
SPIEF 2018
Coordinating the International Effort Against Illicit Trafficking in Manufactured Goods: Potential Ways Forward
The creation of the state commission <...> was extremely important, because a certain coordinating body was needed