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Вуколов Всеволод
Vsevolod Vukolov
Head, Federal Service for Labour and Employment (Rostrud)
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Reform of Regulation and Oversight: New Directions
The introduction of digital technologies is solving a number of problems, including that of uniformity and centralization. Now, practically in online mode and at any time of the day or night, you can see what the inspector is doing and how. We can see the answers to our online inspection today in the “Consultant”, which has already partially resolved the problem of centralization, since we now answer user questions in the same way whether in Khabarovsk or in Kaliningrad. Now we see the need for legislation to more clearly define the objects and narrow the items of regulation so that everyone can understand the requirements as well as provide for their clear profiling
SPIEF 2018
Transformation of the International Labour Market: Meeting the Challenges
The digitalization of the labour market encompasses a list of specific resources, measures, and aims. In the HR sector we must use electronic resources to ensure the labour market develops. <...> We intend to move over to e-document management. This step is linked to the electronic version of the employment record book, which will enable us to digitalize a citizen’s entire work history. We will also move over to electronic oversight