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Вонг Энтони
Anthony Wong
Regional Vice President, Russia, Ukraine and CIS, AbbVie
SPIEF 2019
Russia has good traditions in biology, in technology, and in research. We do see a great potential in other areas as well, which we would like to use. <…> There is an area that could use more investment. That is discoveries
SPIEF 2019
Intellectual property protection is a very important sphere. It is a key issue. It is hard to protect innovation without it. <…> When it comes to intellectual property, Russia has achieved a notable progress <…> but it needs to be taken to a whole new level. <…> This will improve the investment climate
SPIEF 2018
Breakthrough Technologies in Medicine: Evolution, Revolution, Organization
Regarding the regulatory environment, it is necessary to use KP, which will promote the development of partnership. We need to understand how we can integrate our know-how’s, strengthen our role in integration and innovation. <...> Cooperation here is very important, as well as partnership