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Валентини Риккардо
Riccardo Valentini
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Professor, University of Tuscia
SPIEF 2019
Science and Life: The Boundaries of the Possible
Today, the quality of life a real problem. <…> There are 850 million people [all over the world, – Ed.] on the brink of starvation, and this number is growing. The number of people with diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular diseases is also on the rise. This is a challenge for science
International Arctic Forum 2019
Opportunities and Risks for the Ocean Economy: Ensuring Sustainable Use of the World Ocean’s Natural Riches
Solutions for marine ecological problems must be implemented on a personal level, a person’s daily contribution to environment and its safety. Today our efforts do not match the damage that we are causing
SPIEF 2018
Science is Doing What Politics Cannot Do
Today’s politicians do not sufficiently employ science to achieve their aims. <...> Science can help politics, as it has the tools to dispel many of the fake statements which currently abound.
SPIEF 2018
Moving from the Knowledge Economy to the Trust Economy
Food is the largest industry in the world. <...> Today it is also healthy food, food for a healthy diet. In this sense, a very serious trend is formed in society, all thanks to knowledge. Issues of control, security of food supply, and just safety of consumption become increasingly important