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Julia Uzhakina

Julia Uzhakina

Director General, Rosatom Corporate Academy
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Social mobility as a tool for economic growth and global competitiveness
We use all possible sources. We desperately need qualified and talented personnel, provided that we have mechanisms of our own — basic universities, etc. — but we are not ready to give up on other opportunities. We do not have to make this choice anymore: if ‘talent’ refers to each person or to a group of chosen ones; for us it is each and every person. Our mission is to help people unlock their potential
SPIEF 2018
Transformation of the International Labour Market: Meeting the Challenges
The biggest problem is to do with teaching the necessary skills. These are changing faster than we are able to keep track of them. The education system is moving even more slowly in this regard. Discussions centre on two issues. We either need a universal or a narrow specialist, and this is no banal question