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Vladimir  Ustinov

Vladimir Ustinov

Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Southern Federal District
Born on February 25, 1953, in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur.
1968–1972 — Lathe operator and toolmaker in the Korenovskii Sugar Factory, Krasnodar region.
1972–1974 — Compulsory military service.
1978 — Graduated from Kharkov Law Institute.
1978–1985 — Trainee, Assistant to the Public Prosecutor, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Public Prosecutor in various districts of Krasnodar region.
1985–1994 — Public Prosecutor in different districts of Sochi.
1994–1997 — First Deputy Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar Territory — Public Prosecutor of Sochi.
1997–1999 — Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.
1999 — 2000 — Acting Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.
Since May 2000, member of the Russia Federation Security Council. Since June, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of CIS member states.
2000–2006 — Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.
2006–2008 — Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation.
Since May 14 2008 — Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Southern Federal District.
Active State Counsellor of Justice.
Honoured Jurist of the Russian Federation.
Awarded the Order For Services to the Fatherland III degree.
Doctor of Law.