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Уайт Ричард
Richard White
Vice President for Procurement and Sustainability, Anheuser-Busch InBev Europe
SPIEF 2019
Defeating Trash: Russian Reform and International Practices
I realize that I must leave the world in a better condition than when I came into this world, for my children and grandchildren
SPIEF 2018
Major Russian and Foreign Corporations vs Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Building Trust between Customer and Supplier
We recognize the major importance of working with small enterprises and this is particularly important in agriculture. We have a special programme called Smart Barley, we’ve been running it in Russia for four years
SPIEF 2018
Transformation of the International Labour Market: Meeting the Challenges
One of the areas that we focus on is the development of our people, the attraction of people to multiple functions. <...> Through graduate management trainee programmes, through boost programmes, through supply management trainee programmes <...> we are giving talents a taster of all different functions within that particular domain, allowing them to build up a breadth of experience within the company. We are not just recruiting to fill a vacant position