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Evgeny Tulubenskiy

Evgeny Tulubenskiy

Chief Legal Officer, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Member of the Board of Directors, Nordgold
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Creating a New Quality of Life in Africa
When working in Africa, it is important to help the local population understand why our business is important and what good things we bring in their lives. <...> Over the 10 years that we work in Africa, we have built about 100 schools, providing access to education in Burkina Faso and Guinea. In Guinea, we have built several clinics, so our employees and their families have access to free healthcare and medications. We have created over 3,000 jobs with competitive salaries in Africa. We are training young people to give them professions that will be in demand in the local job market. 1,600 employees got qualification through our multi-profession programmes
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Doing Business in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
We have been working in Africa for over 10 years. Over the years we have invested close to USD 2 billion in the African countries