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Yury Tsvetkov

Yury Tsvetkov

Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation; Head, The Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport
SPIEF 2019
New Approaches to Governance, Research and Protection of the World Ocean
Over the past few years, the focus of the International Maritime Organization has shifted towards controlling marine fuel and tackling marine fuel pollution. <...> One promising area is the use of LNG fuel or gas-engine fuel, which is becoming more popular throughout the world as the LNG market grows. It is an area which is developing apace in Russia, and according to analysts, will probably account for 20% of the market by 2035. What is hindering this? We need to solve a set of challenges in order to facilitate a widespread transition to this new type of fuel
International Arctic Forum 2019
Shipbuilding: Achievements and Innovation
The Northern Sea Route project — its specifications are approved, the funding is determined, and the implementation schedule is developed. The total demand for fleet, including icebreakers, transport and support vessels, for complete implementation of the project is about 150 vessels, 50 of which are functioning