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Artem Tolkachev

Artem Tolkachev

Founder and CEO, Tokenomica
Artem is the CEO of Sputnik DLT Blockchain Integrator, Member of the Board of the Tokenization Standards Association, and Head of Blockchain Community Russia.
His areas of focus include developing scenarios for applying blockchain technology in the business processes of large organizations and government bodies, providing technology introduction support, and assisting on legislative matters concerning digital financial assets and blockchain technology in a number of countries in Europe and the CIS.

Professional Experience

Artem is an expert in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Since 2013 he has completed a large number of projects involving the provision of legal support for crypto-related projects.

In 2016 Artem founded and assumed leadership of Deloitte Blockchain Lab in the CIS. As part of this initiative, Artem led a number of innovative projects involving the implementation of blockchain technology in large companies, tokenization of real assets, ICO support, and developing legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Artem sits on expert boards at a number of development institutions and legislative bodies across the CIS.


Artem graduated from the Higher School of Economics National Research University with a degree in law.