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Ткачева Ольга

Olga Tkacheva

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development and Marketing, Flotiliya
EEF 2019
Exploring the Far East: New Business Opportunities in Tourism
State support matters. Right now, it’s very convoluted, there’s too many aspects that don’t help but rather get in the way
SPIEF 2019
Key Principles for Establishing Tourist and Recreational Zones
Creation of the Flotilla Radisson is a great example of how a properly made and promoted product, created with private investments, fosters the development of both the industry and waterside territories
EEF 2018
Healthy Life Expectancy in the Russian Far East
I wanted to talk about our highly productive cooperation in education and science with the National Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology
EEF 2018
Healthy Life Expectancy in the Russian Far East
In addition to the National Healthcare Project, there is also the National Demography Project […] The national project has two main principles – prevention for all ages, from intrauterine development and pregnancy planning all the way up to old age
SPIEF 2018
Tourism Cash Flows: Exporting Tourism
Tourism itself is the representatives of small and medium business. This is the only industry that finds it very difficult to form its needs. Tourism business should be viewed as a business. Many members of the industry cannot find a business approach to what they do