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Maksim Tkachenko

Maksim Tkachenko

Executive Director, Public–Private Partnership Development Center (PPP Development Center)
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Professional background:
2011–2013: held a number of positions in the Moscow Administration in the following areas: state regulation of public utilities, tariff regulation, state procurement, competition development.
June 2013: GR Director, Public-Private Partnership Development Center
November 2013: Director, Research and Analytics Department, Public-Private Partnership Development Center
September 2014: Executive Director, Public-Private Partnership Development Center

Background in public private partnership:
- PPP Region Rating (PPP Start, 2014). Comprehensive analysis of regions’ readiness for cooperation with private investors on PPP principles;
- Use of concession agreements (2014). Comprehensive analysis of concessions best practices in Russia;
- Developed a method for assessing investment project implementation models involving government or municipal participation. Developed recommendations for EBRD grant use in the best interests of the Ministry for Economic Development;
- Assessment of PPP in Russia. Opinion of businesses (2013). Analysis of public private cooperation in major investment projects.
- PPP in Russia (2013). Awareness study.