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Nguyen Chi Dung

Nguyen Chi Dung

Minister of Planning and Investment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Date of Birth: 05th August 1960.

Place of Birth: Mai Phu commune, Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province.

Ethnic group: Kinh.

Education: 10/10.

Professional Skill: PhD of Economics.

Political Argument Level: Advanced level.

Member of Vietnamese Communist Party Dated: 30th September 1987.

Official Date of Being Party Member: 30th September 1988.

Current Position: Member of Central Committee of the Communist Party, member of Civil Affairs Committee of the Minister of Planning and Investment, Ministerof Planning and Investment.

Responsibility: - Leading, directing, managing and running the entire domain of activities of the Ministry of Planning and Investment; undertaking assignments falling under the authority and responsibility of the Ministry and the Minister prescribed in the Law on Government Organization, Government’s Working Regulations, and related legal documents; acting as the contact person in the business relation with the Politburo and the Secretariat of the CPV Central Committee, the Government and the National Assembly; signing documents to be submitted to the Prime Minister;

- Directly providing guidance on the following activities: composition of legal documents and socio-economic development strategies; synthesisation of mid-term and annual socio-economic development plans; statistics; economic management mechanism and policies; planning synthesisation; conscription plans; national defense and security; personnel organization; administrative reform; emulation and reward;

- Being Head of the Anti-corruption Steering Committee of the Ministry; Head of the Ministry’s Steering Committee of Administrative Reform; Chairman of the Ministry’s Emulation – Reward Council; Chairman of several inter-governmental cooperation sub-committees assigned by the Prime Minister;

Units in charge: General Statistics Office; Development Strategy Institute; Central Institute for Economic Management; Department for National Economic Issues; National Defense – Security Department; Personnel and Organization Department; Department of Legislation.