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Pasquale  Terracciano

Pasquale Terracciano

Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Russian Federation
EEF 2019
Unfortunately, many joint projects have been stopped because of sanctions. I think it is wrong. Italy has always considered this decision completely wrong
EEF 2019
We can offer a European approach, experience and skills to turn this region into a source of export. Here we have a fusion of European and Asian approaches. We can offer goods and services that will have additional value. <...> We are expanding our traditional concept of 'made in Italy'. We are now talking about the concept of 'made with Italy'. We provide our technology, know-how to Russian companies, and Russian companies produce here and use their own staff
SPIEF 2019
First of all, we need a strategy. <...> It means to transform Made in Italy into Made with Italy, that is, to introduce know-how, new Italian technologies, which should be mastered together with Russian entrepreneurs. Thus, we need the environment, trust and the necessary tools