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Andrey Tereshok

Andrey Tereshok

Deputy Director of the Department of Oil and Gas Production and Transportation, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Russian Energy Week 2018
Increasing the Efficiency of Oil Production: Responding to the Challenges
The law on WPT will make it possible to test new approaches to the taxation system – and the influence of taxation on the financial result above all else – in pilot mode. We regard this stage as an important element in the tax system. This bill primarily aims to give a boost to the fields of Western Siberia. Based on the project results, a decision will be made to further extend it to other regions of oil production. In addition, we are offering a number of incentive measures to attract additional investment for oil production. These include the uplift mechanism, which involves the use of a higher depreciation rate on investments in Western Siberia, incentives for geological exploration, greenfields – an adjustment to the reference point for calculating regional mineral extraction tax breaks from the time 99% oil reserve depletion in the subsoil area is reached, and incentives for the development of oil rims