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Viacheslav Telnov

Viacheslav Telnov

Executive Director, Federal Foundation for the Social and Economic Support of Russian Cinematography
Prime Minister of The Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev appointed Head of the Gosfilmofond of Russia Vyacheslav Telnov Executive Director of the Cinema Foundation of Russia. Mr. Telnov replaced Anton Malyshev, who held the post for the past five years. The corresponding order was signed on Thursday.

Vyacheslav Telnov graduated from the North-West Polytechnic Institute with a degree in telecommunications engineering. In 1999–2007, he headed the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. He was the General Director of the Lenfilm Studio in 2007–2011. In March 2011, Mr. Telnov was appointed Director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and in January 2018, he headed the Gosfilmofond of Russia. Vyacheslav Telnov is a member of the Board of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, a member of the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science, presenters of the Nika Award, and is part of the Council for the development of national cinema under the Government of the Russian Federation.