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т’Харт Кеес

Cees't Hart

President and CEO of Carlsberg Group
SPIEF 2019
Smart Regulation of the Consumer Market
Smart regulation must be thought through really well
SPIEF 2018
Circular Economy: The Russian Model and Foreign Experience
Our company has a programme called Together to zero, which plans to bring CO2 emissions and water effluents down to zero by 2030. But so far we do not know how to do it. For this purpose we have awarded grants to theses that will enable us to get a solution and make a breakthrough in technology
SPIEF 2018
Digitalization - an Engine for Growth and Inclusive Development
Many management bodies need to make additional efforts to grasp new technologies and digitalization for the future development of the company. At Carlsberg, we took the simple route: we mobilized a ‘digital council’, a digital governing body, including young people who are not afraid to think differently. This allowed us to identify many issues that we would not have noticed otherwise