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Сурикова Ольга

Olga Surikova

Head of Far East Practice, KPMG in Russia and the CIS
EEF 2019
Advanced Special Economic Zones and the Free Port of Vladivostok: Configuring Preferences
In August 2018 all residents and investors were hit with new rules, which amount to changing the conditions for providing benefits. If the rule initially stipulated that the status granted the right to make use of benefits and reduced tariffs on insurance premiums, then in the revised version there is a requirement to obs
International Arctic Forum 2019
Shipbuilding: Achievements and Innovation
In 2018, mineral resource products accounted for 96% of the Northern Sea Route [workload], it is not going to change by 2024. According to the Ministry of Environment, hydrocarbons will make more that 70 million tonnes, and oil and gas production companies claim that the turnovers may dramatically increase. Shipment of these products will require reliable fleet. The shipbuilding industry has a great potential within the Arctic development strategy for dozens of years
International Arctic Forum 2019
Shipbuilding: Achievements and Innovation
Rosatomflot is consolidating the functions of the sole infrastructure operator of the ice-breaking fleet to provide ongoing year-round navigation for continuous shipments. The existing icebreaking fleet, however, can only work in the western sector of the Arctic, the eastern routes are only used during the summer/autumn season. And part of the icebreaking fleet will be disposed in the near future