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Стуглев Александр

Alexander Stuglev

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, The Roscongress Foundation

After graduating from Ustinov Baltic State Technical University (St. Petersburg) in 1996, Alexander Stuglev began his career organizing conventions and conferences at the company Exhibitions-Seminars-Business (ESB). He was shortly appointed CEO of ESB and became one of the founders of convention and exhibition activities in Russia.

In 2006, Stuglev took over the company Restek Congress, the main contractor for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. A year later, he became Executive Director of the SPIEF Foundation, the Forum’s operator. In 2009, Stuglev was appointed CEO of the SPIEF Foundation. In the following years, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum became the largest event of its kind in Russia with participants traditionally including heads of state, top politicians, and leaders of global business.

In December 2015, the SPIEF Foundation was renamed Roscongress Foundation and became the operator of several major convention and exhibition events in Russia, including forums in Sochi and Vladivostok as well as the Foundation’s offsite sessions abroad.

Alexander Stuglev was awarded the Medal of the Order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’, second class, on 17 August 2017 for his contribution to preparation for and the holding of the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.