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Столпнер Аркадий
Arkadi Stolpner
Chairman of the Board, Sergey Berezin Medical Institute
SPIEF 2019
Healthcare Transformation: How Will Modern Technologies Change Lives?
A doctor must go through life-long training. Today, doctors need to absorb enormous amounts of information and keep studying
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
The Digitalization of Healthcare: Investing to Save Lives
Over the next 6 years, the only task that we can actually fulfill – and it is the crucial one – is creating real electronic medical records that would allow any authorized doctor to press a button and understand what was happening to their patient. Everything else is built around the medical records
SPIEF 2018
Breakthrough Technologies in Medicine: Evolution, Revolution, Organization
On average, business is more efficient than the state, and healthcare is a specific example of this effectiveness. Business is more motivated, it is free in its decisions, and this allows it to be faster, proficiently work on some projects for less money