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Lee Sung Woo

Lee Sung Woo

Deputy President, Korea Maritime Institute

• Ph.D., Urban Engineering, University of Seoul, 2005


Dr. Sung-Woo Lee is a director at the International Logistics Research Department, Korea Maritime Institute, a public think-tank in Korea specializing in the area of maritime transport and international logistics. He has been involved in various governmental projects, many of which are associated with shipping management, dryport planning, FTZ plan and management, and port logistics park development. He has been received Ph.D. Degree from University of Seoul. He was previously affiliated with the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Hong Kong as a visiting professor. His interests include managerial and strategic aspects of international logistics and maritime transport, making business model based on SCM, possibility of Arctic logistics system, port competition system in N.E. Asia and port-city interaction and globalization. He is a member of International Association of Maritime Economists and is a guest editor of International Development Planning Review. He is also an advisor in related to logistics field for Korea government and other governments. Recently He is devoted to support ‘Eurasia Initiative’ policy for Korea government in terms of logistics


Member of the Korea Planner Association (KPA) (1996 – On).

Member of the International Association of Maritime Economists(IAME) (2004 – On).

Member of the Korea Shipping and Logistics Association (2006 – On).

Member of the Korea Port economy Association (2011 – On)

Member of the Korea Logistics Association(2012 – On)

Member of the Korea Cold chain Association(2015-On)

Advisor of Ministry of Unification(2015-On)

Advisor of Ministry of Land and Transportation(2015-On)

Advisor of Ministry of Ocean and Fishery(2016-On)