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Vladimir  Solovyov

Vladimir Solovyov

Anchor, Russia TV Channel
Vladimir Solovyov (born October 10, 1963) — journalist, radio and television presenter. Graduated MISIS and did postgraduate studies at Institute of World Economics and Public Relations, holds PhD in Economics. In the early 1990s lived and worked in the US.
Between 1997 and 2010 hosted Solovyinie Treli on Serebryaniy Dozhd radio. Works on TV since 1999 where hosted a variety of shows such as Process (ORT), Strasti po Solovyevu (TNT), Zavtrak s Solovyevim and Solovyinaya Noch (TV-6), Smotrite Kto Prishel and Poedinok (TVC), Apelsinovy Sok and K Bar’eru (NTV). Since September, 2010 hosts Poedinok and Voskresny Vecher on Russia-1 TV channel and polniy Kontakt on Vesti FM radio.
Solovyev wrote a number of books, such as Emprie of Corruption, Enemies of Russia, Manipulations. Attack and Defend, We’re Russians. God is with Us, Putin. Medvedyev. What’s Next? Solovyev vs. Solovyev, Putin. Guidebook for the Empathetic, Russian Roulette, and others.
Delivers one-man shows at MKHAT in Moscow twice a year as well as public performances in St Petersburg and all over Russia and lectures and trainings for top-management of Russian companies.
Married, has 8 children.