non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Сокова Ирина
Irina Sokova
Deputy Director, Volgograd Energy Efficiency Centre
Russian Energy Week 2018
The Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Transparency in the Fuel and Energy Complex: Nationwide Meeting
In 2018, a list of measures was approved to promote an energy-saving lifestyle among the people of the Volgograd Region [...] We have a total of 31 events, including the events of the #BrighterTogether Festival. We believe that in order to make the festival so bright and creative, we need bright and energetic people who are inspired by a common cause [...] In 2017, we integrated the main events of the festival into our region’s municipal districts and urban districts for the first time. We realized that people are interested in it and that they gladly take part in these events. In 2018, we tried to cover local government bodies on a larger scale. We held the #BrighterTogether Festival in almost all the city’s districts