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Соколов Александр

Alexander Sokolov

Deputy Chairman of the Board for Competition Policy, Russian Highways State Company
SPIEF 2019
Access Granted: Loyalty Rating of SMEs’ 50 Biggest Customers
We keep doing a good job on schedule. We have a lot of new suppliers now. <…> And we are going to keep working even harder as we try to address the global goals outlines for us by the President and the Government. Those include a new highway from Moscow to Kazan via Nizhny Novgorod. We are expecting an investment volume in the area of 550 billion roubles and we plan to attract many SME companies to be a part of construction process
Russian Investment Forum 2019
National Champions Pitch Session
Together with the Ministry of Economic Development, the SME Corporation, and the Ministry of Transport, we are rolling out a support mechanism for innovative and high-tech companies. Last year alone, 5 billion-rouble-worth of their products were purchased, and this figure will only continue to grow year on year. <…> State companies are set to work on global infrastructure projects in the coming years. These include the development of the Europe–Western China corridor, the introduction of driverless vehicles on Russian roads, and the implementation of the free-float barrier-free payment system