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Слащева Юлиана

Yuliana Slashcheva

Chairman of the Management Board, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio
SPIEF 2019
Creative Economy: Strategies for Promoting High-Tech Exports
The creative industries cannot grow and sell their products only within their own country, as growth potential is very limited and a ceiling is reached very quickly. The creative industries are an export channel. Russian animation, fashion, technological and industrial design, architecture and modern art all have a huge export potential
SPIEF 2019
Exporting Culture: Ways to Present the Country’s Heritage in the International Arena
Our animated films have no problem finding an audience abroad. There seems to be a trend of sorts, a demand for Russian creativity. When we travel to international forums people show up in droves and line up to see what else did those Russians have come up with
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Art of Influence: Investment in Social Communications as a Factor in Sustainable Social Change
We see how high-quality visual content drastically impacts the society
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Art of Influence: Investment in Social Communications as a Factor in Sustainable Social Change
Content responsibility is as relevant as financial responsibility. Talking about viral on the Internet we meant an adult audience. When we talk about virality for children, safety is crucial
EEF 2018
The Contribution of Female Innovators and Business Leaders to Shaping the Economy of the Future
We realise that the next generation watches, not reads. It is, of course, a big disappointment for us, and through our cartoons and video content we try, nevertheless, to motivate them to read
EEF 2018
The Forces Driving Change in Society: How to Create Effective Social Communication
To our great regret, today nobody sets objectives on what kind of cartoons the country needs today and what topics they should cover. Today, we set our objectives under social competencies and social responsibility that we bear as cartoon makers
SPIEF 2018
Made in Russia: National and Regional Branding as Tools for Economic Development and Promoting Russia around the World
When speaking about culture or any creative field, the most important thing in terms of export potential is to create the strongest possible symbiosis of national and universal cultural codes. This works well in animation, because we make a great deal of animations and cartoons without words at all. One example of a successful animation is Masha and the Bear