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Gilberto Silva

Gilberto Silva

World Cup Winner and Arsenal Invincible
-He began his football career in 1997 with América Mineiro

-In 2000 due to his good performances, he joined the city’s rival Atletico Mineiro, he became a star player

for Atletico Mineiro.

-In 2002 He helped the Brazilian national team to win the FIFA World Cup, playing in all the Brazil

matches during this competition.

-In the season 2003-04 he won the Premier League title with Arsenal and became an “Invincible” which

means that he is part of the history of the Premier League for ever.

-He became one of the major players at Arsenal where he stayed 6 seasons and won

1 Premier League, two FA Cup and played a Champions League final.

-He was part of the Brazilian national team in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in which Brazil was eliminated in quarterfinal by France

with a goal of Thierry Henry, who was the teammate of Gilberto at Arsenal.

-In 2007 he won the Copa America in Venezuela as the captain of the Brazilian national team.

-In 2008, Gilberto signed for Panathinaikos where he will win 1 Championship and 1 Cup.

-In 2010 Gilberto has participated to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in which Brazil was eliminated in quarterfinal by Holland.

-In 2011 he came back to Brazil and signed for Grêmio of Porto Alegre where he will stay two seasons and became captain of the team.

-He finally came back to Atletico Mineiro in 2013 and the same year he won the Copa Libertadores which is one of the major accomplishment in

the club’s History.

-In 2014 he announced his retirement as a footballer.