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Peter Sköld

Peter Sköld

Director, Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University (Arcum)
Peter Sköld is professor of history, Sami culture and society development at Umeå University, Sweden. He is director of the Centre for Arctic Research (Arcum). Sköld’s research profile includes Arctic sustainable development, historical demography, population statistics, indigenous health transitions and northern cultures. He was one of the authors of Arctic Human Development Report II. Peter Sköld has an active engagement in Arctic research planning, in stakeholder cooperation, and international collaboration. Sköld is former president of International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA), chair of WG Human and Social Sciences in the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), and chair of the Board of Governors of the University of the Arctic (UArctic). He is also a Swedish delegate of the Arctic Council Culture, Economy and Geography Expert Group (SECEG). During the Swedish chairmanship of the Barents Euro Arctic Council (BEAC) Sköld chairs the Joint Working Group on Education and Research (JWGER). In 2015, Peter Sköld was appointed Honorary Consul of Västerbotten to Latvia and in 2016 he was appointed official Climate Ambassador of Västerbotten. In 2014–2019, Sköld has been co-scientific leader of the 4.5 million Euro project ‘New Governance for Sustainable Development in the European Arctic’, involving 35 researchers.