non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Шумков Вадим
Vadim Shumkov
Acting Governor of the Kurgan Region
SPIEF 2019
The Transformation of Russia’s Construction, Housing and Utilities Industry
First of all, we create development plans for all municipalities that involve all national projects’ facilities: infrastructure, utilities, etc. We include investment programmes and organizations with resources in the same plan. We also include all our plans that require support from the regional budget. Why do we need it? To help any construction investor or citizen see when, what year and where we will have roads, light, gas, or wastewater disposal and plan their investments accordingly. As for construction. We have initiated two regional laws: one was already passed; the other one is being reviewed. The first one stipulates that we give 0.20–1 hectare to locals of Kurgan Region for free in case they either have a child or construct any residential building on the allocated land plot. The second one stipulates that we provide two types of wood at a discounted rate: it can be either stumpage under federal or appropriate regional laws, or a prefabricated house at a discounted rate as well, so that after getting the land for free people could get a house fast and cheaper