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Шуматов Валентин
Valentin Shumatov
Rector, Pacific State Medical University
EEF 2019
Pathways to a Healthy Life in the Far East
Above all, our objective is to train primary care personnel, and in order to do this we are changing curricula. <…> As of today, thanks to structural changes and funding from the Ministry of Health all medical schools in Russia are equipped with simulators. <…> Moreover, we are introducing remote training. <…> We understand and believe that we need to borrow best technologies from our neighbours and apply them in our medical training
EEF 2018
Healthy Life Expectancy in the Russian Far East
The Primorsky Territory lacks more than 1,000 doctors, and it’s the same in other territories
EEF 2018
Healthy Life Expectancy in the Russian Far East
We have several medical schools in the Far East […] We train all specialists. As for our university, we recruit a rather large number of people – 500 in all – on a budgetary basis. Sixty percent of them are recruited on a targeted basis. […] A year ago we opened an international innovative educational centre […] We analyse and try to obtain and share practices that not only exist today in Russia, but also those of our neighbours in particular. Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are involved in this, as are universities in China