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Vyacheslav  Shport

Vyacheslav Shport

Governor of Khabarovsk Territory
EEF 2018
Roundtable for Russian and Chinese Regional Leaders
We implement joint projects in wood processing, agriculture, construction, trade, and food service industry. I’d like to point out a few major ones. The project to create the centre for deep wood processing with the participation of the Russian-Chinese investment fund in Amursk, Khabarovsk Territory. Construction of a pulp mill with an investment of 1.5 billion dollars. The project to create a complex of wood processing enterprises in Jilin Province. The project to establish an agricultural enterprise specializing in exports of corn and soy beans with the participation of companies from the city of Fuyuan. The project to establish an agricultural enterprise for cultivation of corn and soy beans with the participation of a businessman from the city of Hebei
SPIEF 2018
Presentation of the Results of the Russian Regional Investment Climate Index
A business needs feedback; we are sufficiently democratic to hold meetings, often on-site. The business determines how efficiently tools and mechanisms are operating today in the region
SPIEF 2018
Breakthrough in the Far East: How to Become a Leader for Growth in Private Investment
We must help business in the early stages to find product markets today <…> I can outline an investment formula for you: product markets and human capital, plus preferences equals investments. If these conditions are followed the investments will come