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Heinrich Schmidt

Heinrich Schmidt

Head of Life Science, Russia & CIS, Merck
Born in 1956 Austria
Since November 2015 – Life Science Director, Merck Russia and CIS
In 1986 joined the company, which later was integrated into Merck (previously – Millipore, Merck Millipore)
Since then occupied a number of leading positions, including the following ones:
2014 - 15 - Head of Sales & Development, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Merck Millipore
2013 - 14 - Head of Customer Service Europe/EMEA, Merck Millipore
2011 - 13 - Director of Bio-Monitoring & Biopharm Process Solutions EMEA, Merck Millipore International Sales
2005 - 11 - Area Sales Manager Millipore Export Europe
1999 - 2005 - European Manager of the Central Sales Support Organization (CSSO), Life Sciences Division
1994 - 99 Austrian Country Manager and Director Millipore India Private Limited
1986 - 94 Various management positions at Millipore Intertech, Vienna
1984 - 86 Area Sales Manager for CSSR for Diagnostics and Instrumentation (Boehringer Mannheim)
Holds Master degree in Biotechnology from the University of Bodenkultur, Vienna