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Ildar Shaikhutdinov

Ildar Shaikhutdinov

Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Financial Business Development
Born August 30, 1974 in Kumertau, Bashkortostan Republic.
Graduated Orenburg State University in 2001 majoring in Accounting and Audit.
Received his MBA at the Presidential Business Academy in 2010.
Received Top Financial Director award in 2012 in Best Business Value Management.
- CEO of Institute of Financial Development of Business.
- Chairman of the financial business development branch of Delovaya Rossiya society.
- Member of ChCI council on investment policy.
- Member of the working group of the intellectual property committee of the Federation Council of Russian Federation.
- Member of the working group of the Federal Standard development for immaterial assets and intellectual property with the Ministry of Economy of Russian Federation.
- Member of the intercommittee working group on development of the project on long-term state policy for intellectual property.
- Member of the ASI working group for monitoring the implementation of a road map towards investment climate improvement in Russian Federation.
Ildat Shaikhutdinov has developed and carries out a strategy to raise the cost of business through capitalization on intellectual property and immaterial assets in a number of Russian companies. One of the most successful cases is GK Ruskompozit where after strategy implementation growth of the non-turnaround assets grew 26 000 times (from 8 000 rubles to 206 mln rubles, capital level grew 5 times and borrowed capital shrunk by 25%).