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Шауфф Франк

Frank Schauff

Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Businesses
DEC. 2000 – DEC. 2003: Doctor of Philosophy in East European History, University of Cologne
OCT. 1992 – SEPT. 1993: London School of Economics and
Political Science (LSE), Master of Science (Econ)
APR. 1989 – SEPT. 1992: Studies at the University of Cologne and at the
Volgograd State University, USSR
JUN. 2007 – PRESENT: Chief Executive Officer, Association of European
Businesses in the Russian Federation (AEB)
JUL. 2001 – JUN. 2007: Advisor, Foreign Policy to the Party Executive of the Social
Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Berlin
OCT. 2001 – APR. 2005: Lecturer, Institute for East European Studies, Free University, Berlin
JULY 1999 – JUNE 2001: International Secretary, Young Socialists, Bonn/ Berlin
DEC. 1998 – DEC. 2003: Chairman, German Youth Council (DNK) JULY 1996 – JUNE 1999: Managing Director, Social Democratic Youth Organisation
in the Rhineland, Cologne
SEPT. 1995 – AUG. 1996 Research in the Russian Archives, Moscow
MAY 1995 – MAY 1996 Project Manager, Association for Social Security Policy and
Research (GVG), Cologne
APR. 1994 – MAY 1995 Clerk, City Administration of Cologne
Monography and articles