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Anna  Shabarova

Anna Shabarova

Vice President for Human Resources and Social Responsibility, Russian Copper Company; Member of the Board of Trustees, Russian Copper Company Charity Fund
EEF 2019
Private Investment in the Social Sphere: New Support Mechanisms
The specialty of our company is finding enterprises in remote areas, including monocities. Monocities could become a wonderful platform for the experiment, because the funds are allocated for them under various state programmes, but maybe it is worth going through an investor, through prosperous businesses in single-industry towns
EEF 2019
Private Investment in the Social Sphere: New Support Mechanisms
To make social investments more attractive to investors, it is necessary to simplify the bureaucratic mechanism for attracting a government partner to an existing facility
SPIEF 2019
Public–Private Partnerships for Charity
The government should change the legislation to make it possible to get information about the people who need medications
SPIEF 2019
Government and Business in the Social Sector: Identifying New Sources of Growth
Platforms could become point of growth; they can unite and consolidate the society around certain aspects or problems. As a business, we are ready to support the brightest of those initiatives
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Art of Influence: Investment in Social Communications as a Factor in Sustainable Social Change
Big business should take care of the territory, build sports and fitness facilities, engage in trade, and overall organise it. Following the infrastructure, the consciousness of people living there also changes; the infrastructure consolidates a community with certain tasks
EEF 2018
Social communication as a driver of socially important change.
We still treat ourselves as a third world country in the 21st century. We don’t love and respect ourselves very much. We look at everything from the outside without noticing our ambassadors
EEF 2018
Human Capital: Attracting and Retaining It
We’ve set an ambitious task: to form the territory of our presence. We are trying to create logistics centres so that people feel comfortable, so that education, health and sports facilities are within walking distance. Territories are becoming competitive in comparison with large cities. We need to revert to the success story of a small town person