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Cristina Serrano Leal

Cristina Serrano Leal

Director General for International Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain
Cristina Serrano Leal is Director General for International Economic Relations, Ministry for

Foreign Affairs, in charge of leading Spain´s bilateral economic relations with third countries

worldwide, together with Spanish Embassies abroad, as well as Spain´s interests and

representation in various international organizations (OECD, ICAO, IEA…).

She belongs to the Special Corps of Government Economists of the Spanish Ministry of

Economy, and holds a Bachelor in Economics and Business from the Autonoma University of

Madrid and a Ph. D. in Economics from the UNED University of Madrid.

Previous positions include:

Deputy Director General for Trade Policy with Latin America and North America, responsible

for developing Spain´s trade policy in LATAM and North America; Economic and Trade

Counselor, Spain´s Permanent Representation to the EU, representing Spain in the Trade

Policy Committee, (TPC) of the Council in charge of trade and investment negotiations of EU

Free Trade Agreements and WTO negotiations.

Deputy Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Union, in the

Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Executive Senior Adviser and Vice Deputy Director General for

Economic and Financial EU Affairs.

She is a Board member of the Spanish ECA (CESCE), of the Cooperation Agency (AECID) and

of the Spanish Trade Chamber of Spain, among other companies and public bodies.

She is author of the book on EU finances “El Presupuesto Comunitario: Problemas presentes

y retos futuros (The European Budget: Present problems and Future Challenges)” and more

than 50 publications on EU affairs and international economics, and has been a regular

lecturer at various Masters at the IE (Instituto de Empresa), Instituto de Administración

Pública (INAP) and Escuela Diplomática (Diplomatic School) among others.

Ms Serrano Leal is officer of the Royal Order of Isabel la Católica and of the Order of Civil

Merit, and Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.