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Daniil Seledchik

Daniil Seledchik

General Director, Etalon-Invest
Education: The Saint Petersburg State University. The diploma with honors, majoring in "Jurisprudence". The candidate of Juridical Sciences, the specialty 12.00.03 – Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law, International Private Law. The Work Activity; Daniil Seledchik has been working in the Group of Сompanies Etalon since 1997. Since 2010 he is the Head of the Moscow Territorial Administration of the Group of Companies Etalon – “Etalon-Invest”. Daniil Seledchik has been the Vice President of the Group of Companies Etalon since 2016. The Public Activity: Member of the Working Group of the State Council of RF concerning “The Development of Construction Sector and Improvement of RF City-planning Activity". Member of the Presidium of the General Council, Co-chair of the Construction Committee of the Russian Public Organization "Business Russia". Member of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Housing and Utility Sector problems under the RF Government. Member of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Preparation of Proposals on Changing the Legislation concerning Shared Construction, under the RF Ministry of Construction. Member of the Public Council of the ROSREESTR (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography).