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Hiroshige Seko

Hiroshige Seko

Minister for Economic Cooperation with Russia, Japan
EEF 2019
Milestones of active development in the region have to do with changes that take place in the maritime and land transport thoroughfares. In terms of sea transport, it is the development of the Northern Sea Route. Participants in the Arctic LNG 2 project, including the Japanese consortium, made the investment decision: the energy resources of the Russian Arctic will be shipped through the Russian Far East to Asian countries that are centres of global economic growth. Its importance as an export hub will increase greatly. Japanese companies are closely monitoring this prospect. Changes happen on land as well. By increasing its efficiency, the Trans-Siberian Railway is steadily boosting its significance in the development of the Far East. Japan is making efforts to use it effectively, and we already do pilot cargo transfers
SPIEF 2018
In the industrial sector, Hitachi Ltd. and Transmashholding launch the production of traction inverters for passenger rail transport. Isuzu has decided to construct a truck production plant signing a special investment agreement with the Russian Federation. Japanese production technologies are spreading in Russia